December 18, 2012

Winter Getaways: Winter Backpacking

Whether you're new to backpacking in the winter months and looking to make your first experience as warm and enjoyable as possible, or a practiced winter backpacker interested in making day trips and camping trips more comfortable, this easy-to-read guide was written for you. You'll learn all about staying warm and comfortable throughout the day and night, how to fit a backpack and pack it properly, winter travel, navigation, menu planning, cooking and nutrition, how to set up camp, winter hazards, first aid, winter survival, how to ensure a fun winter backpacking experience for kids and dogs, and much more.

December 14, 2012

Winter Getaways: Discover the Adirondacks

With 50 multi-sport trips, informative turn-by-turn directions and maps, crisp photographs, and trip planning advice, this guidebook invites first-time visitors or seasoned explorers to experience the best the Adirondacks have to offer.

November 27, 2012

Winter Getaways: Colorado Ski Towns

Colorado Ski Towns is a 63-page compact guide covering the best of Colorado’s slopes, including Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone, and Winter Park. Colorado-based journalist and author Steve Knopper offers his firsthand advice on what sights are must-sees, and sightseeing highlights maps make planning your time easy. This lightweight guide is packed with recommendations on sights, entertainment, shopping, recreation, accommodations, food, and transportation. Helpful maps guide travelers through this skiers haven.

October 23, 2012

Fall Travel: Easy Hikes Close to Home

New trails have been established and old trails rediscovered, making the hikes in the New York City area better than ever. Based on the authors' own research, this handy guide introduces nearly two dozen of the best easy day hikes. Filled with detailed descriptions of each trail, Easy Hikes Close to Home: New York City helps novice hikers discover their choices with clear maps and concise at-a-glance information.

August 8, 2012

Road Trip!: USA's Best Trips

USA's Best Trips: : 99 themed itineraries across America

Offers ninety-nine itineraries for trips throughout the United States, including forty-eight hour itineraries for New Orleans, Manhattan, Boston, and Miami.

July 31, 2012

Road Trip!: Undiscovered America

Undiscovered America : the 201 great places you may have missed

Veteran travel writers Don and Betty Martin have selected the 250 very best hidden getaways, from Alaska to Florida and Hawaii to Maine. Undiscovered America, based on the authors' 35 years of travel, reveals intriguing vacations in all 50 states. These include an obscure but grand vacation island on the Great Lakes; California's best wine country (not Napa Valley!); a little-known Nevada town oozing with “cowboy cool”; and the world's oldest Shakespeare festival, which is not in England but in Oregon. These destinations represent an irresistible mix of interesting towns, national parks and monuments, vacation regions, and driving tours that are ideal for an afternoon's respite, a weekend getaway, or an extended visit.

July 30, 2012

Road Trip!: Traveling with Your Pet

Traveling with Your Pet : The AAA PetBook: The AAA Guide to More Than 14,000 Pet-Friendly, AAA Approved Hotels and Campgrounds Across the United States and Canada

Get the latest scoop on safe and enjoyable travel with pets in Traveling with Your Pet: The AAA PetBook®. The annually updated book lists more than 14,000 pet-friendly AAA Approved lodgings and campgrounds, pet-friendly attractions and national public lands, dog parks and animal clinics. Plus, invaluable tips on U.S./Canada border crossing procedures, preparing pets for car and air travel and packing suggestions make pet travel easier.

July 28, 2012

Road Trip!: NPR Road Trips National Park Adventures

NPR Road Trips: National Park Adventures

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the planet's Seven Natural Wonders, with 4.4 million visitors each year. Who keeps them safe, fed, and happy? When the wind blows at White Sands National Monument, legend says the centuries-old ghost of a Mexican maiden appears in the shifting sands. In Yosemite National Park, there's a guy who tracks road kill with a clipboard and a shovel to pry flattened victims from the blacktop.
This colorful collection goes behind the scenery at America's most popular national parks. It also visits lesser-known parks with thought-provoking tales to tell.

July 9, 2012

Road Trip!: Interstate 95

Interstate 95: the road to sun and sand

Along the East Coast from Maine's Canadian border almost all the way to the Florida Keys, Interstate 95 traverses fifteen states, plus the District of Columbia, and links the cities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore, Richmond, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, and Miami. At more than 1,900 miles, it's one of the longest and most heavily traveled roads in the country.

July 2, 2012

Road Trip!: Greetings from Route 66

Greetings from Route 66: The Ultimate Road Trip Back Through Time Along America's Main Street

John Steinbeck famously christened Route 66 America’s “Mother Road” in The Grapes of Wrath, and that chapter about Tom Joad’s exodus is just one of the classic pieces collected in this ultimate anthology. Here’s history, roadside attractions, pop culture, ghost stories—even recipes from famous greasy spoons. And it’s all illustrated with the largest collection of vintage art, postcards, travel decals, collectibles, and other memorabilia ever amassed.

June 28, 2012

Road Trip!: Going Coastal New York City

Going Coastal New York City: Urban Waterfront Guide helps you discover the beaches, boardwalks, historic sights, and marine attractions, as well as the limitless opportunities for waterside fun, dining, and adventure, in New York City. Designed for travelers and locals alike, it offers...information on what is happening along NYC's 578 miles of coastline.

June 25, 2012

Road Trip!: Day Trips from New York City

Rediscover the simple pleasures of a day trip with Day Trips from New York City. This guide is packed with hundreds of exciting things for locals and vacationers to do, see, and discover within a two-hour drive of the New York metro area.

June 7, 2012

Road Trip!: America's Art Museums

International and domestic tourists will appreciate Suzanne Loebl's America's Art Museums: A Traveler's Guide to Great Collections Large and Small. Organized by state, the book...includes all necessary practical information, including activities for children and...Loebl offers her impressions of the collections, services and facilities. Many entries include a photograph of a museum or artwork.
Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.

May 21, 2012

Travel Books for Bike Month: Short Bike Rides in and Around New York City

This book will take you on a cycling tour of New York's five boroughs, giving routes for both the urban sprawl of downtown and the wondrous countryside surrounding this hustling, bustling city. Whether you choose an urban, suburban, or rural route, every ride in this book has been chosen on several criteria, such as amount of traffic, road surface quality, terrain, scenic beauty, historical significance and general interest. Each ride includes precise written directions, excellent route maps, level of difficulty, mileage, safety tips, availability of food and facilities, and vivid descriptions of points of interest. No matter what your interest in cycling, you'll find the perfect ride in this book.

May 17, 2012

Travel Books for Bike Month: Short Bike Rides on Long Island

A boon for bikers who are seeking the less traveled path, these 36 featured rides offer a welcome escape from the Island's congested byways. Also provided are six fully delineated traffic-free rides and six shorter rides (perfect with children), located in state and country parks, as well as a ride on Block Island including information on ferries and island attraction.

May 12, 2012

Travel Apps: FlightTrack


For the avid air traveler, this app provides real-time flight tracking for more than 4,000 airports worldwide. Color maps feature zoom, satellite, weather-radar imagery, and weather forecasts.
Available for your iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

May 9, 2012

Recent Arrival: Road Trip USA

Now in its sixth edition, inside Jamie Jensen's best-selling Road Trip USA you'll find cross-country routes and road-tested advice for adventurers who want to see the parts of America that the interstates have left behind. Jensen also includes mile-by-mile highlights celebrating major cities, obscure towns, popular attractions, roadside curiosities (if you're looking for the world's largest jackalope, you're in luck), local lore, and oddball trivia. With full coverage of over 35,000 miles of classic blacktop, Road Trip USA will take you off the beaten path and into the heart of America.

Mango's Android™ App

Introducing the newest member of the Mango family - Mango's Android™ App! With this app, you now have access to language learning wherever you go. The Android™ App, along with the iPhone® App, is included in the library's Mango subscription.

For the apps to work, you must have an account with Mango set up through the library’s website. Once the apps and lessons have been downloaded, you can learn at your own pace, with or without an Internet connection.

May 6, 2012

Recent Addition: 100 Best Affordable Vacations

Like the other books in this popular series, The 100 Best Affordable Vacations to Enrich Your Life features out of the ordinary opportunities. They will just be less expensive, with some even free! Vacation categories include Classic Americana; Learning Vacations; Wilderness Trips; and Mind, Body, and Soul themed getaways. With this mix, there are lots of creative ideas and appealing destinations for everybody, whatever their interests, schedule, or budget.

May 3, 2012

April 30, 2012

Recent Arrival: China Survival Guide

Originally released in time for the China Olympics, this little book immediately caught on with first-time and seasoned travelers thanks to its compact format, affordability, and reliable information delivered with savvy humor. The authors have now improved their work with new sections on critical issues like air travel and appropriate clothing, lots of data updates and fresh recommendations, plus all-new photographs and captions to make the book even more fun to browse.

April 25, 2012

Recent Arrival: I Never Knew That About London

Travelling through the villages and districts that make up the world's most dynamic metropolis, Christopher Winn takes us on a captivating journey around London to unearth the hidden gems of legends, firsts, inventions, adventures and birthplaces that shape the city's compelling and at times turbulent past.

April 20, 2012

Recent Arrival: Europe on 5 Wrong Turns a Day

When Doug Mack picked up a 1963 edition of Europe on Five Dollars a Day, he stumbled on an inspired idea: to boldly go where millions have gone before, relying only on the advice of a travel guide that's nearly a half century out-of-date. Add to the mix his mother's much- documented grand tour through Europe in the late 1960s, and the result is a funny and fascinating journey into a new (old) world, and a disarming look at the ways the classic tourist experience has changed- and has not-in the last generation.

April 17, 2012

Recent Arrival: The Most Scenic Drives in America

The all-in-one trip planner and travel guide will steer you down the most scenic road every time. From Florida's Road to Flamingo to Hawaii's Oahu Coastal Loop...from British Columbia's Sea to Sky Highway to Cape Cod's Sandy Shores...each featured road trip is pictured in stunning full color and described in vivid text, keyed to an easy-to-follow newly revised map. Whether you choose a drive in a far corner of the continent or a back road in your own state, this book is your ticket to North America's most beautiful byways.

March 20, 2012

Recent Arrival: Great Journeys

This comprehensive array includes nearly every trip imaginable: from scenic railways, to conquerors' trails, to ancient trade routes and pilgrimages. Four pages and at least one full-page photo are devoted to each journey, while statistics sidebars give distances, suggested time commitments, best times of the year to go, and special tips. Breathtaking and impressive in all its facets, this wanderlust-inspiring volume is a feast for both mind and eye.

March 9, 2012

Recent Arrival: The Most Beautiful Walk in the World

In this enchanting memoir, acclaimed author and long-time Paris resident John Baxter remembers his yearlong experience of giving "literary walking tours" through the city. Baxter sets off with unsuspecting tourists in tow on the trail of Paris's legendary artists and writers of the past. Along the way, he tells the history of Paris through a brilliant cast of characters: the favorite cafés of Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and James Joyce; Pablo Picasso's underground Montmartre haunts; the bustling boulevards of the late-nineteenth-century flâneurs; the secluded "Little Luxembourg" gardens beloved by Gertrude Stein; the alleys where revolutionaries plotted; and finally Baxter's own favorite walk near his home in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

February 20, 2012

Sanity-saving Travel App: Green Globe

If you are planning a holiday, a business trip, a conference or even a wedding, the Green Globe app leads you to travel and tourism businesses that are actively contributing to a better future for the people and the places you visit. The Green Globe app provides photos and descriptions of member hotels, resorts and other business, with direct links to booking, map location and videos.

February 16, 2012

Sanity-saving Travel App: KAYAK

With KAYAK's mobile apps, you have everything on right in your hand. Find the right flight, the perfect hotel, and even manage your itinerary or track your flight status. KAYAK'S free apps are available for the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile 7 and Nokia devices.

February 13, 2012

Sanity-saving Travel App: GateGuru

GateGuru is a tool to transform the chaotic and unfamiliar airport environment into a more satisfying experience before and after flights, and during layovers. GateGuru will locate the best food, shopping and service options within any airport at the touch of a button.

February 10, 2012

Sanity-saving Travel App: TripIt

With today’s myriad of travel sites, even the most experienced traveler has their hands full managing all the details of a typical trip. Booking airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, and restaurants leaves you with lots of separate pieces of paper. Throw in maps, directions, things to do, and weather, and the chaos multiplies.

TripIt turns chaos into order by making it easy for anyone to:
  • Organize trip details into one master online itinerary — even if arrangements are booked at multiple travel sites
  • Automatically include maps, directions, and weather in their master itinerary
  • Have the option to book restaurants, theatre tickets, activities, and more right from within the online itinerary
  • Safely access travel plans online, share them, check-in for flights, or print an itinerary

February 2, 2012

Best Winter Trips 2012

National Geographic: Travel
Winter doesn't have to mean long months indoors. The National Geographic editors have chosen ten trips that will have you gearing up for adventure or joining in local festivities - warm- and cold-weather travel that's sure to cure the winter blues. Do you have a favorite winter destination?

Petra and Wadi Rum, Jordan
Lake Placid, New York
Namibian Coast
Chiapas, Mexico
Antarctic Peninsula
Miami, Florida
Fernie, British Columbia
Palm Springs, California
Sledding, Preda-Bergün, Switzerland

January 23, 2012

10 Offbeat Food Museums

From Mother Nature Network

Educating and entertaining while also appetite-stirring (or suppressing, depending on how you feel about Spam burgers or boiled spargel topped with hollandaise sauce), food museums offer an excellent way to acquaint yourself with an area’s rich culinary traditions. Or, they’re just an effective way to kill a couple hours and support local tourism while gawking at some dude’s massive collection of mustard tins.

January 17, 2012

My TSA Mobile Application

To provide passengers with 24/7 access to the most commonly requested TSA information on their mobile device, TSA has developed the My TSA mobile application. No matter where you are, you’ll have easy access to information you need to get through security and onto the plane safely and smoothly.

My TSA puts the most frequently requested information about security procedures at airport checkpoints right at their fingertips. The application has multiple functions, including allowing travelers to find out if an item can be taken in checked or carry-on bags, view delays at all U.S. airports via a feed from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), get some of the most commonly asked packing and traveling tips, and post and see other passengers’ checkpoint wait times at specific airports.

January 11, 2012

Ideas for This Year's Vacation

As you plan your vacation for 2012, you may want to consider “The 45 Places To Go In 2012” recommended by New York Times travel writers. Included are perennially popular destinations such as Florence, Italy, San Diego, and, of course, London, England, the site of the Summer Olympics. But also suggested are more exotic spots such as Lhasa, Tibet, Paraty, Brazil and Patagonia. Within the broad range of interesting travel suggestions, perhaps you will discover the ideal trip for you.