August 31, 2011

I Love New York: 50 Hikes in the Adirondacks

Barbara McMartin has been hiking in the Adirondacks for decades; her family, for generations. She has distilled her vast experience into the 50 hikes offered here, representing a cross-section of the wilderness and wild forest: rugged peak climbs, gentle trips to distant waterfalls, bushwhacks to wild rivers. In all she describes 360 miles of trails to caves, uninhabited lakes, wetlands, cliffs, and fire towers across the Park's 6 million acres.

The hikes range in length from 1.5 to 13.5 miles. Each hike description includes a topographic map, mile-by-mile directions, and information on distance, difficulty, terrain, and hiking time. An overview chart makes it easy to pick a hike for every ability. Throughout, McMartin provides commentary on the natural history of the region, along with colorful incidents from Adirondack history.

August 7, 2011

Novel Destinations: Naked in Dangerous Places

Told with wit and shameless honesty, this book documents a yearlong journey through exotic lands, proving the truth of the old saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Naked in Dangerous Places: The Chronicles of a Hungry, Scared, Lost, Homesick, but Otherwise Perfectly Happy Traveler
by Cash Peters

August 1, 2011

Novel Destinations: Shadow of the Silk Road

The author recounts his ambitious and dangerous 7,000 mile trek along the legendary Silk Road, from the heart of China to the mountains of Central Asia, through northern Afghanistan, across the plains of Iran, and into Kurdish Turkey.

Shadow of the Silk Road
by Colin Thubron