January 23, 2012

10 Offbeat Food Museums

From Mother Nature Network

Educating and entertaining while also appetite-stirring (or suppressing, depending on how you feel about Spam burgers or boiled spargel topped with hollandaise sauce), food museums offer an excellent way to acquaint yourself with an area’s rich culinary traditions. Or, they’re just an effective way to kill a couple hours and support local tourism while gawking at some dude’s massive collection of mustard tins.

January 17, 2012

My TSA Mobile Application

To provide passengers with 24/7 access to the most commonly requested TSA information on their mobile device, TSA has developed the My TSA mobile application. No matter where you are, you’ll have easy access to information you need to get through security and onto the plane safely and smoothly.

My TSA puts the most frequently requested information about security procedures at airport checkpoints right at their fingertips. The application has multiple functions, including allowing travelers to find out if an item can be taken in checked or carry-on bags, view delays at all U.S. airports via a feed from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), get some of the most commonly asked packing and traveling tips, and post and see other passengers’ checkpoint wait times at specific airports.

January 11, 2012

Ideas for This Year's Vacation

As you plan your vacation for 2012, you may want to consider “The 45 Places To Go In 2012” recommended by New York Times travel writers. Included are perennially popular destinations such as Florence, Italy, San Diego, and, of course, London, England, the site of the Summer Olympics. But also suggested are more exotic spots such as Lhasa, Tibet, Paraty, Brazil and Patagonia. Within the broad range of interesting travel suggestions, perhaps you will discover the ideal trip for you.