July 29, 2014


Drive I-95 : Exit by Exit Info, Maps, History and Trivia

Drive I-95 offers easy-to-follow 30-mile color maps providing mile-by-mile overviews of the road ahead. These help you quickly locate upcoming services on each side of the road going North or South. The maps and the fun stories of the road are useful for family travelers, seniors, salesmen, truckers, campers and RVers, University students and their parents, military personnel and people who live and work near I-95
 Interstate 95 is America's Main Street, stretching from Maine to Miami. It is the U.S.'s busiest highway, with 75,000,000 people living and working along the route, and it journeys though 7 of America's major cities: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Jacksonville and Miami.There is so much to see along the way that one of our fans wrote, Drive I-95 "makes your road trip a vacation unto itself. It mentions many un-advertised and curious stops along the way."

January 13, 2014

Day Trips from New York City: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler

Rediscover the simple pleasure of a day trip with Day Trips from New York City. This guide is packed with hundreds of exciting things for vacationers to do, see and discover within a two-hour drive of the New York metro area.