December 19, 2011

New York Times' Practical Traveler: How to Find Lift Tickets for Less

If you are waiting until the last minute to buy lift tickets, you are probably missing out on major savings.

Taking a page from the airlines, ski resorts are lowering prices for traditionally sluggish travel dates, charging more for the most popular travel periods and offering discounts to those who book online in advance. It’s a major change for the ski industry. Until recently, most skiers had little choice but to buy their lift tickets only after they had arrived at their location.

While the new pricing options mean more opportunities for deal seekers, knowing when and where to buy is getting more complicated.

“For the exact same ticket you might see three different price points,” said Ron Schneidermann, a founder of Liftopia, an online provider of lift tickets, lessons and gear rentals at discounted rates. The trick, he said, “is knowing what’s out there.”

Here are seven tips to ensure you get the best bargains...

December 13, 2011

Winter Ski & Snowboard Vacations

Now is the time to plan your winter vacation on the slopes!
Here are some regional websites to provide you with the information you need:

-US Skiing (all U.S.)
-SkiCentral (U.S. & Canada)
-Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month (Learn to ski during January at resorts throughout the U.S.)
-New England Ski Resorts
-Ski Vermont
-Ski NH (New Hampshire)
-Colorado Ski Resorts
-Colorado Winter Ski Vacation Resort Guide
-Ski Utah
-Utah Skiing and Snowboarding
-Skiing Downhill in British Columbia (Canada)
-Iglu Ski (Ski deals worldwide)
-Ski Austria

December 9, 2011

Fodor's Travel Blog: Europe's Best Holiday Markets

December 06, 2011
By Jennifer Ladonne

Nestled in the shadow of ancient cathedrals or in illuminated town squares, Europe's bustling holiday markets offer a taste of Christmas through the ages. Of the hundreds of exceptional celebrations around Europe, we've selected these five festive destinations and their best markets.

-Dazzling Lights at Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens
-Festive Spirits in Germany’s Nüremberg
-Handcrafted Gifts in France’s Strasbourg
-Celebratory Flavors at the Old Viennese Christmas Market
-Christmas Carols and Ice Skating in London

December 7, 2011

New York State Winter Travel Advisory System

The purpose of the system is to provide information about many of New York State's most traveled roads directly from the operators that are performing the snow and ice operations. Operators will provide reports to this system in areas where they are plowing or treating a highway due to winter weather. This advisory system provides a color coded map of major NYS highways indicating where many of these operations are occurring and the conditions that operators are observing.

The New York State Department of Transportation cautions travelers to avoid travel whenever possible when winter weather makes driving difficult - but in cases where travel is necessary this system can provide you information about potential conditions during your trip.

November 13, 2011

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel: top 10 cities for 2012

After globe-trotting research and fierce debate, Lonely Planet has come to a decision on its favorite cities for 2012. As always, our shortlist has some known gems and a few to raise a quizzical eyebrow, but each one is poised for greatness in 2012. While sporting events are bringing new adrenaline to a couple of classic destinations, other cities in our list have bounced back from difficult times with a renewed lease of life. The coming year will put all of these cities in a fresh light, whether they’re showing new flair with music and art festivals or dusting off preconceptions by showing their wilder streak. Without further ado, here’s our top 10 cities for 2012.

1. London, England
2. Muscat, Oman
3. Bengaluru (Bangalore)
4. Cádiz, Spain
5. Stockholm, Sweden
6. Guimarães, Portugal
7. Santiago, Chile
8. Hong Kong
9. Orlando, Florida
10. Darwin, Australia

Click here to read the descriptions of each city.

November 9, 2011

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel: top 10 regions for 2012

When people talk about the best places to travel, it’s often all about a city or a country. But if you forget to think regionally you could miss some of the world’s best travel spots. Here are Lonely Planet’s picks of the regions to put on your map from Best in Travel 2012. Chosen by a panel of Lonely Planet experts, they’ve been written up by Lonely Planet authors to give you that most contagious of ailments: the travel bug.

1. Coastal Wales
2. La Ruta Maya, Central America
3. Northern Kenya
4. Arunachal Pradesh, India
5. Hvar, Croatia
6. Sicily
7. Maritime Provinces, Canada
8. Queenstown & Southern Lakes, New Zealand
9. Borneo
10. Poitou-Charentes, France

Click here to read the descriptions of each region...

October 26, 2011

How You Can Broaden Your Horizons with Travel

Instead of just sitting on some tropical beach and sipping pina coladas during your vacations, it is very possible to get a ton of personal growth from your travels. But in order to do this, you will have to get off those all-inclusive beach resorts and five-star hotels. Although there might be some exceptions, most of these resorts will be too comfortable — unless there are some attractions nearby that offer some type of personal growth opportunities.

Even so, the reality is that the majority of tourists who stay at all-inclusive resorts will never go off site during their entire vacations. If you want to go to the most rewarding travel destinations offering the most personal growth, you have to steer clear of the places that are too “touristy” and aimed for the masses. You have to find less-traveled locations where you may not have the comforts and conveniences of luxury travel.

Read the rest of this article here...

October 20, 2011


When the weather turns crisp and the foliage starts to change to brilliant hues, it’s time to plan an autumn adventure. Harvest festivals, hayrides, leaf peeping, apple-picking, pumpkin-picking, and corn maze exploring are all seasonal activities that can be enjoyed right here on Long Island as well as further afield. On the right side of the Travel Hub is a section of web links to help you plan that perfect fall excursion.

October 7, 2011

I Love New York: Wild New York

Insightful essays combine with more than two hundred full-color photographs to reveal the rich natural wonders of the Empire State, in a volume that explores the unique landscape of diverse regions of the state and captures everything from Niagara Falls and the Hudson River Valley to the Adirondack Mountains and Montauk Point, Long Island.

October 2, 2011

I Love New York: Short Bike Rides in and Around New York City

Most people wouldn't think of using the terms 'New York City' and 'bicycling' in the same sentence. But believe it or not, the city offers a wide variety of options for the clever urban cyclist. This book will take you on a cycling tour of New York's five boroughs, giving routes for both the urban sprawl of downtown and the wondrous countryside surrounding this hustling, bustling city. Whether you choose an urban, suburban, or rural route, every ride in this book has been chosen on several criteria, such as amount of traffic, road surface quality, terrain, scenic beauty, historical significance and general interest.

September 29, 2011

I Love New York: Moon Handbooks Hudson River Valley

Packed with information on dining, transportation, and accommodations, Moon Hudson River Valley has lots of options for a range of travel budgets. Including advice on visiting the Hudson Valley Wineries and skiing and snowboarding on Hunter Mountain, Moon Hudson River Valley gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience.

September 26, 2011

I Love New York: Let's Take the Kids!: great places to go in New York's Hudson Valley

Author, editor, and TV host Joanne Michaels, a longtime resident of the Hudson Valley, brings families with young kids a wealth of opportunities to have fun and explore this playground so near to New York City as well as dozens of attractions upstate and in the Berkshires. From picnic spots to cruises, Joanne finds activities that kids love and parents can enjoy.

September 23, 2011

I Love New York: Hiking New York

This book describes seventy-five of the best trails the Empire State has to offer—from the 4,000-foot peaks of the Adirondacks and the lore of Rip Van Winkle’s Catskills, to the glacier-gouged landscape of the Finger Lakes region and the Niagara Frontier’s historic Erie Canal.

September 20, 2011

I Love New York: Frommer's New York State

Frommer’s New York State is packed with candid opinions on everything about New York City, but also on the beaches, antiques shops, wineries, skiing, hiking, biking, and other outdoor adventures that make up the rest of New York State. We’ve covered all the perennial favorites, from the Hamptons to Niagara Falls, but we’ll also take you off the beaten track to discover New York's best small towns and natural escapes. Whether you want a romantic getaway in an upstate B&B or family fun on Long Island's best beaches, Frommer’s will help you design the trip that’s right for you.

September 17, 2011

I Love New York: Best Hikes Near New York City

Who says you have to travel far from home to go on a great hike? In Best Hikes Near New York author Ben Keene details the best hikes within an hour's drive of the New York metro area perfect for the urban and suburbanite hard-pressed to find great outdoor activities close to home. Each featured hike includes detailed hike specs, a brief hike description, trailhead location, directional cues, and a detailed map.

September 13, 2011

I Love New York: Best Easy Day Hikes Adirondacks

Best Easy Day Hikes Adirondacks directs you to some of the best short hiking trails in the area. This guidebook includes concise descriptions and detailed maps of mostly short, easy-to-follow trails that lead to some of the park's most scenic destinations. With hikes varying from half-hour strolls to full-day adventures, this guidebook is for everyone, including families.

September 7, 2011

I Love New York: Backroads of New York

New York State's remarkable variety unfolds in its myriad splendors in the routes charted in Backroads of New York. Whether you flirt with the outskirts of Manhattan or follow the call of the road all the way to the Niagara Frontier, each off-ramp leads to scenic splendor or historical intrigue—from sandy ocean shores to forested mountain peaks, from shimmering vineyard-ringed lakes to thundering waterfalls, and from quaint villages to rolling farmland. Follow these routes, and you'll find that New York has a serene side that is equally stimulating to the senses as the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Just be sure to pack a sandwich, as the one thing you won't find is a slice of pizza at midnight.

September 2, 2011

I Love New York: AMC's Best Day Hikes in the Catskills & Hudson Valley

With more than 600 miles of trails within just a few hours of New York City, the Catskills and the Hudson River Valley are a hiker's paradise, boasting varied and scenic terrain from Westchester County to Albany. This guide from the experts at the Appalachian Mountain Club leads beginner and experienced hikers alike along sixty of the region's most spectacular trails, from short family nature walks to day-long hikes that reward with magnificent views. Each trip description includes a detailed map and a summary of the trip time, distance, and difficulty, plus an icon indicating whether the trail is also good for snowshoeing or cross-country. The guide includes appendices packed with snowshoe treks, rock climbing in the Gunks, and other opportunities for outdoor adventure in the region, making this guide an essential four-season reference for locals and visitors alike.

August 31, 2011

I Love New York: 50 Hikes in the Adirondacks

Barbara McMartin has been hiking in the Adirondacks for decades; her family, for generations. She has distilled her vast experience into the 50 hikes offered here, representing a cross-section of the wilderness and wild forest: rugged peak climbs, gentle trips to distant waterfalls, bushwhacks to wild rivers. In all she describes 360 miles of trails to caves, uninhabited lakes, wetlands, cliffs, and fire towers across the Park's 6 million acres.

The hikes range in length from 1.5 to 13.5 miles. Each hike description includes a topographic map, mile-by-mile directions, and information on distance, difficulty, terrain, and hiking time. An overview chart makes it easy to pick a hike for every ability. Throughout, McMartin provides commentary on the natural history of the region, along with colorful incidents from Adirondack history.

August 7, 2011

Novel Destinations: Naked in Dangerous Places

Told with wit and shameless honesty, this book documents a yearlong journey through exotic lands, proving the truth of the old saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Naked in Dangerous Places: The Chronicles of a Hungry, Scared, Lost, Homesick, but Otherwise Perfectly Happy Traveler
by Cash Peters

August 1, 2011

Novel Destinations: Shadow of the Silk Road

The author recounts his ambitious and dangerous 7,000 mile trek along the legendary Silk Road, from the heart of China to the mountains of Central Asia, through northern Afghanistan, across the plains of Iran, and into Kurdish Turkey.

Shadow of the Silk Road
by Colin Thubron

July 29, 2011

Novel Destinations: Where the Pavement Ends

The author bikes across the Asian steppes and on through China and Vietnam describing an Asia inaccessible to tourists. Riding on horseback she herds cattle on the steppes, shares a grandmother’s bed in a Chinese village, spends time teaching English and living in a Mongolian yurt; everyday is filled with new adventures and challenges.

Where the Pavement Ends: One Woman’s Bicycle Trip Through Mongolia
by Erika Warmbrunn

July 25, 2011

Novel Destinations: Stolen Figs

A marvelous evocation of Calabria and Calabrians, whose way of life is largely untouched by the commerce that has made Tuscany and Umbria into popular tourist destinations.

Stolen Figs, and Other Adventures in Calabria
by Mark Rotella

July 24, 2011

Novel Destination: Blue Highways

Join the author in Ghost Dancer, his converted van, as he travels over the back roads and through the small towns of America.

Blue Highways: A Journey into America
by William Least Heat Moon

July 21, 2011

Novel Destinations: Alone Across the Arctic

The author tells of her cold and dangerous journey from Alaska to the Arctic of northern Canada with her team of eight sled dogs.

Alone Across the Arctic: One Woman’s Epic Journey by Dog Team
by Pam Flowers

July 18, 2011

Novel Destinations: The Great Railway Bazaar

Paul Theroux's strange, unique, and hugely entertaining railway odyssey has become a modern classic of travel literature. Travel along with Theroux on a spectacular journey from London to Japan on the fabled trains -- the Orient Express, the Khyber Pass Local, the Frontier Mail, the Golden Arrow, the Mandalay Express and the Trans-Siberian Express.

The Great Railway Bazaar: by train through Asia
by Paul Theroux

July 13, 2011

Novel Destinations: Walking the Bible

From the mountain where Noah's ark landed to the site of the legendary burning bush, the author journeys across the Middle East in search of the roots of the Bible to discover whether it was an abstraction or a living, breathing entity.

Walking the Bible: a journey by land through the five books of Moses
by Bruce S. Feiler

July 5, 2011

Novel Destinations: Apples Are From Kazakhstan

A funny and revealing travelogue of Kazakhstan. Meet the country that gave the world apples, trousers, and possibly King Arthur.

Apples Are From Kazakhstan: the land that disappeared
by Christopher Robbins

June 28, 2011

Novel Destinations: Along the Inca Road

This journey along the ancient "Inca Road" follows the high-altitude spine of the Andes Mountains. It is a wonderful panorama of past and present, filled with adventure, and a sharply observed portrait of a unique part of the world and its colorful people.

Along the Inca Road: A Woman’s Journey into an Ancient Empire
by Karin Muller

June 23, 2011

Novel Destinations: Across the Top of the World

Across the Top of the World: to the North Pole by sled, balloon, airplane, and nuclear icebreaker
by David Fisher

This is a splendid book for the armchair traveler - eloquent, erudite, funny, informative and bringing to life the remarkable band of heroes, liars, visionaries, braggarts and fools who attempted to sail, sled or trek across the Pole - and often died trying.

May 27, 2011

May 11, 2011

Spring Escapes: Pennsylvania Dutch Country

If you like handcrafts and bargains, you won’t want to miss the annual Amish Mud Sales – auction/sales held at local fire companies and named for the spring thaws. Learn about the Amish and Mennonite cultures, enjoy an Amish buggy ride, farmers’ market, quaint shops filled with handmade items including stunning quilts, and lavish farm-fresh Pennsylvania Dutch dining. Visit the 19th century Cornwall Iron Furnace, the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, the Intercourse Pretzel Factory, Ephrata Cloister, and the outlets in Reading. Pennsylvania Dutch Country is filled with activities for the entire family!

Books & Travel Kits:
Pennsylvania Dutch Country: mini-booked-to-go
Fodor’s Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Dutch Country
Fun With the Family Pennsylvania
Eastern Pennsylvania: includes Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Amish Country & the Pocono Mountains
Frommer’s Philadelphia and the Amish Country
Amish Ways
Rumspringa: to be or not to be Amish
Quilter’s Guide to Amish Quilts
Mennonite Quilts and Pieces

Pennsylvania Dutch Country in Lancaster County
Dutch Country Roads
Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area
Ephrata Area Chamber of Commerce
Greater Reading Convention & Visitors Bureau
York County

April 29, 2011

Spring Escapes: Brandywine Valley

Among the places to explore in the Brandywine region are the mansions and gardens of the Du Pont family – Winterthur, Nemours, Longwood Gardens, and the Hagley Museum; the charming village of New Castle with its cobblestone streets and antique shops; and the Brandywine River Museum & Conservancy with its picturesque gardens and paintings by N.C., Andrew and Jamie Wyeth.

Books & Travel Kits:
Brandywine Valley: mini-booked-to-go
Philadelphia, Brandywine Valley & Bucks County: a complete guide

Brandywine Country
Hagley Museum and Library
Longwood Gardens
Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library
Visit Wilmington
Brandywine River Museum

April 25, 2011

Spring Escapes

Many destinations for fun and adventure are just a short drive away. Whether you enjoy active sports, relaxing, or exploring, you can find it all at a nearby destination. This month we will feature some suggestions for a perfect spring escape. Use the websites, travel guides and Booked-to-Go kits (all include maps) to help you plan!

April 15, 2011

Where to Go Next: 1001 Natural Wonders

Along with 26 colleagues, Bright, an executive producer with the BBC's Natural History Unit, compiled this catalog of 1,001 natural wonders, that is, geological and physical phenomena and wonders of the animal kingdom. Covering a varied terrain from Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland to Fiordland in South Island, New Zealand, this book is like a composite of myriad National Geographic magazines. In the same genre as Patricia Schulz's 1,000 Places To See Before You Die, 1001 Natural Wonders hits the high points of the natural world in all continents.
Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

April 10, 2011

Where to Go Next: Heaven on Earth

From the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx to the mysteries of Easter Island and Stonehenge, the editors of "Life" draw on the world's finest photography to reveal why you must include these truly special 100 places in your life's itinerary. Drink in the kaleidoscope that is Australia's Great Barrier Reef and gaze at the majesty of Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro. Sample the sophisticated splendour of the Tuileries Gardens in Paris and the sun-baked wonders of the fortress city of the Andes, Machu Picchu. And, of course, the treasures of America are not forgotten, such as the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon and the serene Atlantic beauty of Nantucket Island.
-Product Description

April 6, 2011

Where to Go Next: 1,000 Places to See Before You Die

This hefty volume reminds vacationers that hot tourist spots are small percentage of what's worth seeing out there. A quick sampling: Venice's Cipriani Hotel; California's Monterey Peninsula; the Lewis and Clark Trail in Oregon; the Great Wall of China; Robert Louis Stevenson's home in Western Samoa; and the Alhambra in Andalusia, Spain. Veteran travel guide writer Schultz divides the book geographically, presenting a little less than a page on each location. Each entry lists exactly where to find the spot (e.g. Moorea is located "12 miles/19 km northwest of Tahiti; 10 minutes by air, 1 hour by boat") and when to go (e.g., if you want to check out The Complete Fly Fisher hotel in Montana, "May and Sept.-Oct. offer productive angling in a solitary setting"). This is an excellent resource for the intrepid traveler.
Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

March 30, 2011

Where to Go Next: Frommer's 500 Places to See Before They Disappear

500 Places to See Before They Disappear enables passionate travelers and the eco-conscious to learn about and plan a visit to see rare cultural, historic, and natural places before they are irrevocably altered or even gone forever. Here are one-of-a-kind landscapes, fragile ecosystems, rare bird habitats, places to see the last remaining species of big game in the wild, cityscapes in peril, vanishing cultural kitsch, petroglyphs, and more—500 thoughtfully-chosen treasures that will inspire and enlighten travelers of all ages. Each entry explains why it’s been included, gives its history, the nature of the threat against it, brief practical information on how to visit, and what visitors can to do protect it. A geographical index allows travelers to locate attractions across the world. Photos throughout the book help bring destinations to life.
-Publisher summary

March 23, 2011

Where to Go Next: Frommer's 500 Extraordinary Islands

Frommer's 500 Extraordinary Islands features selections for the best islands around the world - from tiny isles to island nations, and from well-trod to totally uninhabited. Chapters are divided into:

•Treasure Islands -- Islands that have a strong, distinctive local culture and personality
•Leisure Islands -- Islands with a relaxed vibe and lots of land sports like hiking or biking
•Pleasure Islands -- Islands famous for their partying and nightlife scenes
•Beachcomber Islands -- Islands known for their beaches, diving, and watersports
•Garden Isles -- Islands with lush or verdant landscapes, orchards, and local produce
•Islands of Mystery -- Places that are somewhat remote and have a mystical and/or exotic vibe
•Island Escapes -- Quiet, uncrowded spots for those who love nature and want a relaxed pace
•Ends of the Earth -- Islands that are rugged, remote, hard to get to, and great for adventure lovers
•Islands of History -- Islands known for specific historic events, and with landmarks to visit
•Wildlife Islands -- Islands that are great for birdwatching, whale watching, and viewing rare species, as well as nature preserves
•Island Nations -- Large islands with their own history and independent government
•Island Cities -- Vibrant metropolises that have thrived as their own islands
•City Islands -- Island enclaves within larger cities
-Publisher Summary

March 21, 2011

Where to Go Next: 100 Best Worldwide Vacations to Enrich Your Life

100 Best Worldwide Vacations to Enrich Your Life

Removed from the continental constraints of her previous book, Grout takes us on a worldwide tour of promising possibilities. By using four basic elements of travel tantra, she creates the book's four chapters: "Arts & Crafts Getaways," "Volunteer Vacations," "Learning Retreats," and "Wellness Escapes." The itineraries range widely, from learning to shoot films in the streets of Prague to retreating to the wild shorelines of South Africa for painting lessons. Why not volunteer to restore a provincial village while staying in quaint accommodations? From training with a local medicinal shaman of the Andes to teaching others, Grout's many examples emphasize connecting with divergent cultures. This is a rewarding aspect of traveling that cramming on a cruise ship and following tour guides never touches.
Copyright 2008 Reed Business Information.

March 17, 2011

Where to Go Next: 10 Restaurants Worth a Plane Ride

From new offerings by marquee chefs to more modest openings in out-of-the-way spots, here are 10 restaurants around the globe to keep an eye on in 2011, in alphabetical order.


Featured on
By Gisela Williams
Published: January 7, 2011

A version of this article appeared in print on January 9, 2011, on page TR4 of the New York edition.

March 10, 2011

Where to Go Next: Food Journeys of a Lifetime

Food Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 Extraordinary Places to Eat Around the Globe

Chilis in Santa Fe, NM, seafood in Sydney, Australia, and street food in Vietnam are just some of the delicious topics covered in this beautifully designed volume in a series of National Geographic coffee-table travel books (e.g., Journeys of a Lifetime and Sacred Places of a Lifetime). Foodies and travelers will enjoy thumbing through the pages and identifying the food they have tasted and/or would love to experience in these locales. The book is arranged thematically, by ingredients and by kinds of food markets, street foods, and great food towns. Page-length entries feature fabulous color photographs, a descriptive summary, brief planning information, and useful web sites.
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March 7, 2011

Where to Go Next: World Heritage Sites

World Heritage Sites: a complete guide to 890 UNESCO world heritage sites

Covering 141 countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and North America, the Arab States, Latin America, and the Caribbean, the World Heritage List is a valuable guide to the world's cultural and natural heritage. UNESCO's World Heritage mission is to encourage the identification, protection, and preservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity. This treasure trove of a book reinforces that mission and, through spectacular photographs, shows how remarkable and beautiful our planet truly is.
Copyright 2008 Reed Business Information.

March 5, 2011

Where to Go Next: The 10 Best of Everything - Families

For busy families (and who doesn’t have one?) it’s often the little things that matter, such as an outing to a playground or a favorite restaurant. Susan Magsamen’s The 10 Best of Everything - Families: An Ultimate Guide for Travelers uses annotated “10 Best” lists to suggest travel ideas that stem from the exploration and amusement that begin at home. The book starts with the 10 best parks and playgrounds, farms and markets, ice cream spots and food specialties (from barbeque and pecan pie to quesadillas and salmon candy) for each region. Is your family interested in skiing, music festivals, stargazing or civil rights landmarks? They’re all included here...The concluding chapters offer tips on planning and documenting whatever best family trip you choose.
Copyright 2009 BookPage Reviews.

February 25, 2011

Where to Go Next: The 100 Best Vacations to Enrich Your Life

Tired of your regular, humdrum summer getaway and ready to try something completely different? Travel expert Pam Grout's wonderfully informative, thought-provoking The 100 Best Vacations to Enrich Your Life opens the door to "life-enriching vacations" in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. These are "experience-driven" trips that span four categories: arts and crafts getaways, volunteer vacations, brain retreats and wellness escapes.
Copyright 2007 BookPage Reviews.